Composition analysis of brake oil -- guarding the bottom line of safety quality of brake oil

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The brake fluid, called brake fluid, is used to transfer the brake power of the car owner to the car brake. If the brake oil quality weak viscosity will directly affect the vehicle braking force, the specific performance of the owners feel the brakes too "soft", therefore, the joint is technology, brake oil quality and safety has become one of the lifeline of the traffic safety guarantee.

At present, the most widely used brake oil for DOT-4 type belongs to the non mineral oil brake fluid, brake fluid is ether type synthetic poly glycol based and ethylene glycol and ethylene glycol derivatives, add lubricant, antirust agent, diluent, inhibitor rubber blended, a brake fluid is the most common are is the country with the car.

When the season, especially in winter, if the decline in braking effect, it is possible that the brake fluid level can not adapt to the climate in winter, adjust the proportion of auxiliary brake oil formula and content can be well adapted to different seasonal and regional needs, it is also one of the reasons in recent years the characteristics of brake oil is very popular in the market the.

The composition analysis of brake oil is to control the stability and water solubility of brake oil, because it is related to the quality and performance of brake oil. The bonding technique can be used to analyze the composition of brake oil by means of microscopic mapping technique, and to control the quality stability of brake oil by means of component analysis.

Synthetic brake oil (such as DOT-4) with ether, alcohol, ester, etc. as the main mixed lubrication, rust proof, anti-oxidation, anti swelling rubber additives, the use of good performance, and its corrosion effect on rubber and metal are very small, through the analysis of formula to control product quality and safety is necessary.

It is worth noting that the additive synthesis process, type of brake oil process is complicated, the domestic well-known joint is technical analysis test of mechanism analysis technology has industry-leading micro patterns, can help enterprises to control the quality of products, production of high temperature performance, low temperature fluidity, no corrosion of metal components, the replacement cycle is long, good products, good brand building.

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