Application of analysis in industrial diagnosis of hydraulic oil

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Formula analysis is a technical method for analyzing unknown components by means of micro spectra (gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, thermal spectrum, energy spectrum, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum, etc.). Formula analysis can be widely used in raw material identification, chemical component analysis, industrial diagnosis in product production, failure analysis of product application, and reliability test of products.

This time, the diagnosis of hydraulic oil from industrial customers in the case, to introduce the practical application of a positive test! A hydraulic cylinder equipment manufacturers found recently frequent hydraulic cylinder leakage phenomenon, the downstream construction machinery manufacturers want to stop the purchase of the equipment. The hydraulic cylinder equipment suppliers to speculate that this may be a hydraulic oil seal or substandard quality caused by the real hope can find the causes of the problem, so as to avoid the recurrence of similar problems, restore some economic loss.

It is reported that the supplier to find the joint, the technology is provided to solve the following ideas: before and after the use of hydraulic oil and sealing ring for analysis and performance testing.

The specific operation of oil: the detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other projects of old and new oil, base oil through the detection index to judge whether meet the requirements; the comparative analysis of the oil, through the formula analysis technology, that the difference between the two components, combined with the test results, the causes of the problems and corresponding solutions.

Through experimental verification, it is more professional, more reliable and more efficient to diagnose hydraulic oil industry problems based on formula analysis.

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